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really tho straight guys will go on and on about how uncomfortable it makes them when gay guys hit on them but lets be fucking honest how many times have u seen a guy continue to hit on another guy after hes visibly uncomfortable vs. how many times a straight guy has continued to hit on a girl after shes visibly uncomfortable 

This needs more notes

A lot more notes

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rainbowknight-2 remeMBER THAT TIME U DREW ME A THING


1000% accurate

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*z snap*


When The Avengers finally find Bucky and take him home to the Avengers Tower, Bucky would probably be extremely introvert, especially against Steve, because he feels guilty for all the things he did as the Winter Soldier.
But after some time (and a few helpful talks from Pepper) he begins to open up more. But he’s still shy, so when he disagrees with someone/something, he never says anything about it.
He just leaves passive-aggressive sticky notes everywhere

I want to see a comic of this so badly

My visit to get screened for cancer:
  • Nurse: "Sorry your boyfriend couldn't wait for you in the waiting room, it makes women feel uncomfortable."
  • Me: "He wasn't my boyfriend and I don't see how it would make them uncomfortable, but that's my opinion. He was here for moral support. I understood, and so does he."
  • Nurse: "So he's your...."
  • Me: "Friend."
  • Nurse: (During the question asking) "How many sexual partners have you had?"
  • Me: "11."
  • Nurse: "How old were you when you first became sexually active?"
  • Me: "....Loaded question but....14, I guess."
  • Nurse: "You're sexually active, then."
  • Me: "Well....I guess...but..."
  • Nurse: "How many times have you been pregnant?"
  • Me: "Uh. 0."
  • Nurse: "O...kayy...-Checks 'condoms' as my preferred use of birth control-"
  • Me: "I don't use condoms. Or take birth control."
  • Nurse: "Then how do you avoid getting pregnant?"
  • Me: "With homosexuality."
  • Nurse:
  • Me:
  • Nurse:
  • Me: "I fuck girls."
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